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San Fermín Guided Tour in english by Erreka - Incoming Navarra

San Fermín Guided Tour in english by Erreka - Incoming Navarra

San Fermín Guided Tour in english by Erreka - Incoming Navarra



Discover all about the festivity of San Fermin (a.k.a. the running of the bulls) in our tour! We’ll tell you all about this festival that attracts almost one million visitors every year. You’ll learn from a local all about the main attractions: the vibrant Chupinazo (the Opening Ceremony), the frenetic Encierro (the bullrun), the festive Pobre de Mí (the closing ceremony) and the very much enjoyed Gigantes y Cabezudos (Giants and Big Heads parade). We will also tell you about why we dress in red and white, what attracted the attention of Hemingway
and much more!

For nine days (and nine nights), the whole city is transformed into a big festivity where the people are the essence! It’s our spontaneous character which makes the Sanfermines a unique and special festival.

We will start the tour in one of the most charming places for locals: the chapel of Saint Fermin at San Lorenzo Church.

From here, we will make our way to the streets of the bullrun (Encierro) the most famous and representative act of the festival.

Starting at Santo Domingo bullpen, we will walk the whole route (850 m) that the bulls run every morning from July,7th to July, 14th. We will pass
by the Town Hall Square, the so called Dead Man’s corner and Estafeta Street to reach the bullring. You will learn all the stories, facts, anecdotes and traditions of this famous bullrun.

Close to the bullring we’ll find the monument to the running of the bulls, made in bronze and the perfect spot to take a picture!

The tour finishes in “Plaza del Castillo”, the largest square in the city and home to the famous Café Iruña, named several times by Hemingway in his novel Fiesta.